Sigga Dögg


I am an Icelandic sex educator and writer. My mission is to change the way we talk about sex by using humor, honesty and photographs. I am all about putting pleasure first and claiming one's sexuality. I am most known for the genital photographs that I show in all sex ed lectures to promote genital and body diversity, and appreciation.


Sex educator for children, teenagers, parents, and professionals working
in the field of sexuality

Sigga Dögg is Iceland's leading sex educator and writer. She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sexology from Curtin University in Australia. Her main focus is on a humorous and honest sex-positive sexual education where no subject too taboo, both in the public sphere via media and in private, in schools and for adult groups.



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Changing sexual perception and encouraging open and honest communication happens from the bottom up.

A revolution starts by inspiring one person.

– Sigga Dögg, Sexologist


Welcome to the wonderful, and weird, world of Sigga Dögg the Icelandic sexologist. You will accompany her on her travels as she delivers sex ed all over Iceland to kids, teens and adults and she will share her thoughts on all and any matter under the sun and beyond.

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