Sigga Dögg is Iceland's leading sex educator and writer. She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sexology from Curtin University in Australia. Her main focus is on a humorous and honest sex-positive sexual education where no subject too taboo, both in the public sphere via media and in private, in schools and for adult groups. She has been lecturing about all matters sexual to all ages and varied professional groups since 2010, in addition to regular hosting of a stand-up routine about discovering her own sexual self and trying to have sex as a married parent of two toddlers and a baby.

Sigga Dögg has written about sex and relationships for the biggest newspaper and magazines in Iceland since 2005. She published her first book, Talking about sex; a guide for adults on how to talk to kids and teenagers about sex, in 2014 and was very well received and nominated for The Female Book Award Of The Year. Her second book is a collection of columns and sexual Q&A, published in the summer of 2016.


She is a regular commentator on sexual matters for reporters, both in print and on screen, and has co-written and hosted a television show about sex for young adults. She has also advised on scripts for theater productions and various books, in addition to hosting her own live radio show and two podcasts.

Sigga Dögg is also the president of The Icelandic Sexology Association.


In 2016, Sigga Dögg was nominated by JCI (Junior Chamber International) as Iceland's Outstanding Young Achiever.


My Approach

Sigga Dögg has always maintained her integrity to be an all inclusive sex educator that answers every question with honesty and a dash of humor.


She tries to stay away from her/him pronouns (which can be straining with the Icelandic grammar system!) and instead talks about sex, individuals, people and genitals. For example: the vulva menstruates, as opposed to: the girl/ she menstruates. It may seem trivial but it is paramount. By choosing the words carefully, all students are included and respected.


Sigga is a firm believer in the power of realism so she uses photographs in her sex ed, in particular when it comes to the body. Her sex ed always includes her gallery of genital photographs that have various sizes and shapes of vulvas and penises.

She talks about the different people that the genitals belong to, their sexuality, orientation, identity, and challenges students to really have a think about the often negative dialogue surrounding genitals. This approach is at the heart of embracing body and genital diversity as representation of the various shapes and sizes is lacking, especially online.


Sigga Dögg talks about sex and sex acts in abstract measures by not using drawing or photographs of people, but of everyday objects, toys and food. Students are therefore not limited to representations of bodies and abilities or orientation but just themselves. What do they like? What are their interests? How do they feel when they feel good? How about bad? How might this correlate with sex?

Sigga Dögg inspires students to put pleasure at the heart of sex, by first exploring their own body through masturbation, so they can learn what feels pleasurable to them. She encourages the discussion of sex not be sexualised, but to be an expression of boundaries, wishes and desires.


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