Sigga Dögg is aware of the gender imbalance when it comes to sex so gender always comes into play and is often flipped on its head in the lectures.

Sex ed for students
10-15 year old

Here we talk about what sex is, masturbation, genital and body hair, menstruation, the genitals and how they can experience pleasure, show genital photographs, show and tell about the condom, define and practice getting and giving consent, how anal stimulation works, and porn. Some classes also have anonymous questions and answer sessions.

16-20 year old

These lectures tend to be more focused and detailed on a particular topic such as sexual health, getting consent, talking about sex, sex toys, sexual pleasure, porn, BDSM, fantasies, or genital know-how.

University students

Sigga Dögg co-lectures in the course Introduction to Sexology in Reykjavík University. It is the first course in sexology that is available to undergraduate students in a university in Iceland.

Sex ed for adults

Schools that have sex ed classes for teens are encouraged to also offer

a lecture to the parents/caregivers so that they can know what was discussed and how they can be a part of that conversation at home.

The parents are shown all the slides that the students saw and told the same things, in addition to the reason why said knowledge is important. Parents are also given the reasons why buying the condom for their teenagers is a vital part of making sex safer and better. This lecture is the perfect ice-breaker for inspiring parents to discuss sex and sexual

matters with their kids.

Sex ed for parents is offered for parents of younger children as well.

There we discuss boundaries, proper names for genitals, and what is normal and what is not when it comes to kids and sex.


Here we discuss what sex ed should include and why that is important. Language and gender, orientation, and identity representation, runs as a red thread through these lectures. Teachers are asked to face and challenge their own perceptions and prejudices. Teachers are also

shown anonymous questions from students and asked to give answers.


Professional groups

These lectures/seminars are popular with various health professions.

Them main focus is determining what do we mean when we talk about sex, how to initiate conversations about sex with a client or a patient while maintaining a professional stance. Participants are also urged to challenge their own personal perceptions of sexuality and gender by providing a distance between their own experiences of sex and that of the client/patient. The PLISSIT model is introduced and explained.


Edutainment/ Stand-up

What are fantasies and how do we turn them, and ourselves, on?

How do we sustain our relationships while not wanting sex? Is my vulva normal? Do girls pee during sex? Should I date a robot? These are just some of the questions and topics covered. The focus here is on female pleasure and empowerment. This is not for the faint hearted as here we talk about everything taboo regarding sex and we leave nothing for the imagination. Very tongue-in-cheek that leaves the audience roaring with laughter while at the same time contemplating sex and society and where they fit in. Postcards with genital photographs are given to attendees.

These talks are very popular amongst various female-only groups such as bachelorette parties and various private functions, but also workplaces and retirement homes.


Sigga Dögg loves presenting at conferences and meeting like minded professionals! She is currently booking speaking arrangements for the year 2019 as 2018 is almost full!





Kynís, The Icelandic Sexology Association, is a part of the Nordic Association of Clinical Sexologist (NACS). Sigga Dögg has been the president of Kynís since 2012.

As such she has attended and presented on the status of sexology in Iceland, on behalf of Kynís, in the NACS conference in Malmö (Sweden) in 2014, in Reyjavík (Iceland) 2015, and in Trondheim (Norway) in 2017, in addition to presenting - „Young women and their sexual pleasure, a report from Iceland“.

Kynís organised NACS in Reykjavík in 2015 with many international guest speakers and Betty Dodson as keynote speaker.



Sigga Dögg attended The European Federation of Sexology (EFS) conference in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in 2016.



Sigga Dögg is a sought after presenter in Iceland for various topics and conferences. She has presented on topics such as: the porn debate; what is BDSM; why parents should talk to their kids about sex; empowering young people to get consent; why sex ed; what sex ed should talk about, and many more.




Sigga Dögg presented „Genitals, and orgasms, and anal, oh my!: Sex education in Iceland“ at CatalystCon in Chicago in 2016.

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