just let me bleed

– an explorative experience

Blood for thought

To draw the hidden into the light and make the personal public.

Why have we been told that periods are disgusting and that menstrual blood is to be feared?
Why are periods shameful? Are periods private? Is there space for the varied experience of menstruators? Are the experiences of menstruators discounted because they are to be expected and “suffered in silence” ? Do we need to move away from “managing” periods to “experiencing” them?
Do we need to be celebrated periods in order for them to be de-stigmatized?

Do you care / should you care? menstruation

Well I care
As a sex educator and menstruator I care deeply and I know the need for more conversations about it.
That is why I am hosting this event. Because we need it. Periods need a space, to be discussed, celebrated, investigated and experienced.

I want to look at menstruation from a 360° point of view through the use of photographs, artwork, video installations, architecture, advertisements, audio experiences, spoken word, stand-up and lectures.

Tickets go on sale in March of 2020 - watch this space!

Do you want to be a part of this project?

Share your experience!

You can submit:
A photograph of your menstruation
A short video of your menstruation AND/OR
An audio file of your experience of menstruation (you do not have to be a menstruator to participate, all voices are greatly appreciated!)

You can be anonymous or recognized.
Please email your submissions to sigga@siggadogg.is

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