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Sex in Iceland - Can you really have sex with an elf? Why is the Blue Lagoon filled with sperm? Listeners tag along Sigga Dögg on

her various trips around Iceland delivering sex ed and stand-up about sex. Take a peek inside her brain, you never know what you might learn!

From one sexologist to another - Is sex different in Australia compared to Greece? Why do people become sexologist?

Listen to two sexologist chat about life, culture, and work in

various parts of the world!

Chatting about sex
(icel. Kjaftað um kynlíf), published 2014

This is a manual for parents and caregivers on how to talk to kids and teens about sex from birth to young adults. Each chapter gives specific suggestions on what topics are appropriate dependent on the age of the child. Topics that are covered include, (but are not limited to): healthy sexuality, gender stereotypes, orientation, respect, communication, boundaries, porn, sexting, nudity, mindfulness, and empowerment.

The book was nominated as Book of the Year by Fjöruverðlaunin (an award for female authors) in 2014. It is widely used as a textbook on sexual matters at all school levels in Iceland.


An excerpt in English is available, inquire by email.


The bedside (icel. Á rúmstokknum), published 2016

This is a collection of articles and inquiries from readers regarding sex and relationships, written by Sigga Dögg for Iceland's biggest newspaper, Fréttablaðið, from the years 2010 through 2015. The articles were groundbreaking at the time they were published as the word clitoris started appearing regularly in print.

Readers of the book are encouraged to use it as a tool to start the conversation about sex in their own home by reading the text out loud. Sigga Dögg has also called this the perfect bathroom book as the articles are short enough for a quick read whilst seeing to your everyday business in the lavatory. It's always good to multitask and use your time in a constructive manner!

Sigga Dögg is currently writing her third book, a first person tale of a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, that is due out in 2018!
Genital photos

In 2014 Sigga Dögg and her partner got a grant to do a photoshoot of Icelanders genitals. The project gained huge media traction and more people applied then could participate. This resulted in a gallery of a diverse spread of genitals. Sigga Dögg uses these photos in all her sex ed classes and lectures. She also uses them as her business cards and distributes them at conferences she attends and various gatherings.

The photos are available to all for educational purposes and they are currently being used all over the world.

Listen to the importance of this project here

Sköpun / Creation

In 2015, Sigga Dögg called together five femme identifying artist to collaborate on a art show about gender and genitals for Design March in Reykjavík, Iceland. Sigga Dögg´s contribution to the show, as well as organising it, was showing three variations of three bodies to question our perceptions of gender and sexuality.

One body, three pictures.

When we think about sex, gender and even orientation the discussion often revolves around genitals. What happens if you take genitals out of the equation? Can you tell be the body shape alone which genitals belong to that particular body? Who is the original one? Does it matter? These pictures are three versions of the same body. One picture is the original one that has not been altered. In another picture the body got someone else's genitals. The third picture takes genitals out of the equation because when all is said and done, what do genitals tell you about that person?

Sigga Döggs contribution to the art project was also featured at City Hall in Reykjavík during Culture Night in 2015.

If you would like to host this show, feel free to contact me.

Genital ART workshop

Have you ever tried to make a penis out of clay? How about the vulva? Can you even visualize the vulva? Have you ever seen one? What about drawing the genitals - what colors do you use? How big are they?

Is the penis erect or flaccid?


These are among the questions participants tackle in this workshop all the while learning about the genitals, separating fact from fiction. This is a light hearted approach to a taboo subject that is surrounded by misconceptions.


Participants range from young adults to senior citizens.

Vulva hair - hidden camera

In 2015, Sigga Dögg worked for Channel 2, a tv stations in Iceland, producing various segments about sex for the evening newshour (primetime). In one of her segments, she went to the local pool, wearing a wig in her bathing suit, in the crotch, that had curls poking out, to test the reaction she might arouse from fellow swimmers. This segment was picked up by other media outlets and caused quite a stir. She has since used a still shot from the video in her sex ed classes to talk about genital hair, body shaming, respect and boundaries.

Two + Sex

Sigga Dögg was a part of the writer team of this television show that aired on Channel 3 in 2013. She was also the expert on set, behind the scenes and in front of the camera, guiding young adults through various sexual topics.


In 2016, Sigga Dögg hosted „Becoming a sexologist“, her first one woman stand-up show about the sex and life of a sexologist, in the National Theater of Iceland. The show was sold-out almost instantly and was a huge success. She has since been a popular stand-up entertainer for private parties and businesses.

Kynís, Sex days

As president of Kynís, the Icelandic Sexology Association, Sigga Dögg has organised various events in relations to Sex Days (Sex dagar), held biannually in Reykjavík, Iceland. The main goal of these events is to raise awareness of sexology in Iceland. Past events have included: teaching how to apply a condom and distributing them in the local buses; giving out lube in retirement homes; giving media talks; having a pastor do a taste test on lube; a Shibari show in a club; a video showing how to get tested for an STI, and many more.

Next Sex Days will be in October 2018. Kynís facebook page


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